Digital Marketing Trends Your Brand Needs to Follow in 2021

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digital marketing trends

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If there’s anything notable about the 2020 digital marketing trends in the marketplace, it’s that the concepts revolve around two distinct themes. First is that strategies focus on humanisation, addressing issues and creating content that focuses on an individual for more authentic engagement. Second, trends and techniques are focused on mechanical and technical optimisation, making use and maximising the benefits of digital tools, such as SEO and digital campaigns. 

For this reason, many business owners work with experienced and reputable freelance digital marketing consultants in Melbourne to help create effective and compelling digital marketing campaigns that stick to the trends and help them achieve business goals. 

If you’re working on developing new digital marketing campaigns for your company, stick around. In this article, we’ll share the different digital marketing trends that you should consider in 2021.

Brands are realising the importance of inclusivity

Inclusivity has been significant more than ever, especially with the events that have happened over the past year. Thus, more people, especially the younger audience and marginalised groups, want to see brands and companies depict equality in the content they consume and brands they support. 

For this reason, it’s essential to include relevant subject matters in your digital content and cover relevant subject matters, such as races, religions, sexualities, people with physical and learning disabilities and more. 

Because of this critical shift, Accenture notes that this trend has already affected purchasing behaviour stating that 41% of shoppers do not support a business that doesn’t support diversity and 29% of consumers are willing to switch brands. 

SEO: Utilising featured snippets 

Traditionally, we used SEO to improve our brand’s ranking on search engine results. But this year, the end-goal for SEO techniques is to place your brand on position zero. 

Google’s “featured snippet” is what we marketers call position zero and is something that you should start prioritising this year. This is because it allows your brand to be displayed in search results in a separate box, allowing more visibility and improves your brand’s reputation. It also allows you to include more relevant information without having customers click on your link. 

For your brand to get this type of online feature, it’s best to work with freelance digital marketing consultants in Melbourne because they’ll know the right keywords and SEO techniques that will help secure your spot on position zero.


Nowadays, 81% of consumers believe that companies should take the necessary steps in improving the environment by following sustainable practices and using eco-friendly materials and techniques. 

Besides shifting to a more sustainable approach, you must communicate your efforts to your audience by releasing content connected to your sustainability campaign and incorporating environmentalism in your brand’s identity. 

Produce interactive content

Although interactive content has been around for a while, businesses are only recognising how much of good practice this is for their brand. With interactive content, you improve the user experience and enjoyment of your consumers as well as promote more engagement with your company across various platforms. 

To do this, you can integrate quizzes, surveys, giveaways, polls, and more to increase the length of time your consumers will engage with your brand. Besides that, interactive content also pushes towards personalisation by giving your consumers a platform to express themselves and connect with them on a more personal level.

Maximise local SEO

If you’re a local business, you should know that Google frequently releases updates in their local SEO algorithm, and for this reason, you need to keep up with the changes as well. 

Local SEO is extremely powerful because it allows consumers looking for specific products and services to find your brand based on their geographic location, which makes it more convenient for them. For this to work, Google needs to verify your business by signing up to Google My Business and incorporating local keywords to increase your SEO ranking on local search results. 

Digital Marketing Trends Conclusion

Now that you know some of the most vital digital marketing trends that will help your business flourish this 2021, it’s time to work with the right digital marketing consultant and develop marketing strategies that will help your business lead the pack in your chosen industry. 

If you’re looking for a freelance digital marketing consultant in Melbourne, check out SKCreative. I am Saku, a Melbourne-based creative digital marketing consultant who helps companies achieve their business goals through creative and compelling digital marketing campaigns. Learn more about what I can do to help your brand by getting a free consultation from me today!