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While it’s getting harder and harder to reach people organically, Facebook Ads is a fantastic way to meet your audience on their turf. Yet, if you’ve ever attempted to advertise through Facebook then you know how complicated and convoluted it can be. 

Work with me to get more out of your Facebook Ad spend and build campaigns that deliver results.

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Take Advantage Of The Powerful Targeting Options

Social Media is now a very large part of modern life, so it makes sense to be advertising on platforms that the majority of people use every single day.

It’s not just Facebook either, with Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media websites providing incredibly defined targeting options, regardless of your industry.

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facebook ads management

Find Your Untapped Market​

The nature of these platforms and the ads themselves are designed to grab attention and make users take action, so it makes sense to utilise this to your advantage.

Another bonus is that advertising on these platforms is currently very cost effective – IF you are doing it correctly. A simple mistake on these platforms can wind up costing you in the long run, so it’s important you either have great attention to detail or get someone who knows what they’re doing.


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Facebook Advertising Services

From creating a successful social media strategy to designing posts for ads on Facebook and Instagram, I can help your business find your audience even before they’ve started looking for you.

Campaign Strategy

Competitor Analysis
Audience Targeting
Budgeting Allocation
Tracking Setup

Creative Production

Ad Copywriting
Graphic Design
A/B Testing
Retargeting Ads

Ongoing Optimisation

Regular Reporting
Lead Quality Improvements
Ongoing Monitoring
Audience Optimisation

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