It takes less than a second for your customers to form an opinion about your website. What impression are you making?

Are you looking for a local web designer to build a custom website for your business that helps you look more credible and convincing? I’m a Melbourne-based freelance website designer helping Australian small businesses and startups to elevate their online presence through marketing-focused web design tailored to your business’ unique requirements.

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I design marketing-focused websites for Australian small businesses and startups


My name is Saku and I’m a freelance web designer in Melbourne. I help startups and small businesses elevate their online presence by creating stunning websites that deliver results.

I’m also an experienced marketer and the websites I design are aligned with the marketing goals and objectives of your business.

A good website demands balance. On the one side, you have creativity and design. On the other side, you have the research and strategy that consists of data, analytics, user experience, and numbers.

And the good news is, you CAN and you SHOULD get both..

I believe in quality and that every business is unique. I take time to get to know your business, your customers and your business objectives and goals and finally – design and develop a website that has your business’ unique needs in mind and resonates with your target audience.

Custom Web Design Portfolio

When a cheesy template doesn’t cut it. (It never does.)

What you'll get:

As a freelance website designer, you’ll deal with me directly from the initial enquiry through the web design process all the way to the handover of the website. With me, you’ll get:

  • A stunning website that is built based on crystal clear marketing strategy so that your website not just looks good but is aligned with your business goals
  • An accountable partner who doesn’t try to fit your requirements to their services but takes the time to understand your business and creates a digital solution that is tailored to your business’ requirements 
  • Continuous marketing support and honest, straight-forward answers to any marketing / website related questions even after the website is delivered
  • A team member you can bounce ideas off
  • A website designer who is fast and agile (unlike agencies where it takes forever to be on the same page because there are too many people involved)
  • Transparent, personal service
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What my clients say about working with me

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What happens next:

Step 1. Briefing: We’ll get on a quick call, and I’ll understand the goals and objectives of your business.

Step 2. Proposal: You’ll receive a tailored proposal based on your specific requirements and needs.

Step 3. Research: Once we agree on the proposal, I’ll do extensive marketing research and come up with the exact plan according to your website needs.

Step 4. Web Design and Development: Once we’re on the same page, I’ll start working on the website design and development.

Step 5. Handover: I’ll hand over the site to you and teach you the best way to use your new website. 

Step 6 Ongoing Optimisation: After the site goes live, we will collect data, monitor its performance, and optimise it to be even better. 

Step 7 Support: I regularly report on trends and what could be done better and provide you with creative ideas in your business.

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Your next step...

Claim your free web design strategy session

If you are interested in hiring a freelance website designer to help you build a new website for your business, I invite you to book a free consultation with me. Please note that to maintain quality, I only take two projects at a time and typically book a month or two in advance. Book your consultation to find out when we can start your project.

Learn more about my website design approach

With over 3 years of experience as a Melbourne-based freelance website designer, I’ve gained a lot of experience about website design and development. The truth is that most of the websites don’t really perform as they should. Even if they look visually “ok”, they may fail to:

As a result, your prospective customer leaves the website and goes to your competitor – not ideal.

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What makes a great website

Web design is not just about creating websites that look good. Sure, it’s important that your website looks professional, but there’s much more to it. Websites that generate leads, sales and enquiries consist of a number of elements that all have a very significant effect on your conversion rate including:

So where to find a web designer that can do the job for you?

Finding the right web designer

Hiring a web designer is not an easy task. As an example, at the time of writing this, the search term web designer Melbourne gave 423 million search results. In short, your options as a business owner are to:

If none of these doesn’t sound like a good option, it might make sense to work with a freelance website designer like me. If you’d like to hear more about how we can work together, click the button below and claim your free website strategy consultation.

Freelance Web Designer Near You

Based in Richmond, VIC, I offer website design services across Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide & Brisbane.