3 essential rules for website consistency

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website consistency how to keep web design consistent

Table of Contents

When it comes to setting up your online presence, it’s important to ensure website consistency. Visually inconsistent websites are confusing and will turn away potential customers.

After all, your small business website is where customers and clients can drop by to learn about you, and it is also a place where you can advertise yourself! For that reason, designing your website carefully is important to ensure you create the image you want to showcase your brand in.

What is website consistency?

Web design consistency is about keeping all of the elements of your website the same throughout the entire site. There are certain rules to website consistency and comes down to choosing colours, layouts and typographies that your visitors will love.

With that being said, there are many aspects to web design. Everything, from the layout of the website down to the colour palette you work with, will affect how your website looks and feels to your visitors. In this article, we will talk about these factors to help you understand why they are so essential to consider:

1. The Colour

If you already have a brand logo set up, then you will already have a set of colours you can use to showcase your brand. For instance, if your logo utilises white, blue, and black, then your website will have many of its design elements using those said colours. 

If you have yet to pick colours, then a good way to pick the right ones is to understand what each colour may mean. For instance, blue is commonly associated with professionalism and trust, and this is the colour you will want to use if you want to emit that kind of image! In other words, pick colours that evoke the emotions you want out of the visitors who see them.

2. The Layout

There is virtually an infinite number of layouts you can use for your website. However, despite some being much flashier than others, you really want to pick something that is simple and clean! For instance, rather than showing all your products on the front page, you can categorise them under broader headlines to create a tidier page.

Keep in mind that the layout you first pick may not be the layout that your audience likes. For that reason, it is vital to conduct some form of test to see which one your visitors prefer. Of course, once you find something that the visitors prefer, you should opt for that one instead!

3. The Typography

Many people assume that they can simply pick any font they like for their website. This ends up leading to websites with way too many fonts, not to mention typefaces that make the website look incredibly cluttered and unprofessional!

A good rule of thumb here is that you should limit yourself to up to three typefaces and fonts. This way, everything can look as clean as possible, helping to create an uncluttered experience that makes for a much better user experience that can boost your brand image.


Apart from those stated above, there are many considerations to website consistency you must make, such as the navigation design, the accessibility, and the particular elements included in your website. All of these factors play a big role in your website’s performance and can seriously affect the reputation of your business. 

With that in mind, if you are having trouble creating a website that you can be proud of, it is recommended to hire a freelance website designer to do the job for you. Web designers know what works and what does not, and will help come up with a design that you and your visitors will love.

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